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EEOC inks massive $20M settlement in employment discrimination and retaliation case

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reached a $20.5 million settlement with Jackson National Life Insurance Company for harassment, discrimination, and retaliation claims brought on behalf of female and African American employees. This settlement marks the
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Sexual harassment lawyer Eric Bachman interviewed about Weinstein trial and #metoo movement

Bloomberg interviewed Eric Bachman to get his thoughts on the Harvey Weinstein trial, which many are viewing as a reckoning of the #metoo movement.  Bachman routinely represents victims of sexual harassment in the workplace and

Why women lawyers are walking out the door at BigLaw (hint it involves glass ceiling discrimination)

This past week the American Bar Association (ABA) and ALM released “Walking Out the Door: The Facts, Figures, and Future of Experienced Women Lawyers in Private Practice.” The information and statistics in the report bear directly

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Max Scherzer, a $5 million settlement, and how they all relate to workplace parental leave policies

Washington Nationals’ pitching ace Max Scherzer recently took parental leave and helped shine a light on a hot employment topic: ensuring that employers’ parental leave policies are fair and gender-neutral. This issue also gained attention

Zuckerman Law/Glass Ceiling Discrimination Blog Receive “Go-To Thought Leadership Award” from National Law Review

The National Law Review presented Glass Ceiling Discrimination Blog and the attorneys at Zuckerman Law its “Go-To Thought Leadership Award” for their reporting of complex employment law issues, as well as strategic insight and overall

Why Serena Williams’ Tennis Ranking Matters In The Corporate World

Serena Williams recently returned to tennis after taking time off for her pregnancy, and she immediately faced questions on the extent to which her ranking should be affected by her pregnancy leave. The tennis world

Why can’t the tech industry decode the glass ceiling for women executives?

Despite the tech industry’s reputation for fostering innovative concepts and novel ways to approach challenges, the industry still has not been able to solve the persistent glass ceiling that prevents women from being promoted into

Eric Bachman interviewed about #metoo in the financial services industry

Sexual harassment lawyer Eric Bachman spoke with about the persistent problem of sexual harassment against female financial advisors and why so few of them report this illegal behavior. “It’s really necessary for [firms] to

Pew survey sheds new light on glass ceiling discrimination in STEM jobs

A new survey by the Pew Research Center illuminates the ongoing glass ceiling faced by female employees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. The survey results are consistent with an earlier study regarding

Best practices for preventing workplace sexual harassment

Law 360 spoke with Eric Bachman and other employment attorneys about key steps that corporate and other employers should take to help prevent sexual harassment in 2018. Here are five important takeaways: Tone at the
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