Sexual harassment lawyer Eric Bachman interviewed about Weinstein trial and #metoo movement

sex harassment lawyer; Bachman Law

Bloomberg interviewed Eric Bachman to get his thoughts on the Harvey Weinstein trial, which many are viewing as a reckoning of the #metoo movement.  Bachman routinely represents victims of sexual harassment in the workplace and is regularly quoted in the media.

In the article, Bloomberg reporters Patricia Hurtado and Rebecca Greenfield lay out how the trial “will mark an extraordinary moment in the still-unfolding story of harassment and abuse by powerful men and the implications for every corner of society. For some in the movement, simply seeing Weinstein facing a jury, and charges that could send him to prison for life, will be a victory.”

The reporters quoted Bachman, founder of Bachman Law, who has represented employees in discrimination cases for two decades, as saying “the criminal trial will encourage more victims of abuse and harassment by other powerful people to come forward.” And if Weinstein is acquitted? Still, “the fact that these complaints were taken seriously and vetted and pursued will have a very positive impact on encouraging people to speak up,” Bachman responded.

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