Eric was very persistent and for lack of a better term a ‘bulldog’ in acquiring a fair and equitable settlement for my departure. I was fighting a very large company who is known for not giving in and not afraid to flex their substantial power and it was very apparent from the start that Eric would not be intimidated by them in any way, shape or form. I would not hesitate to recommend Eric to anybody requiring a good attorney, in my opinion Eric is one of the best.
Prior to hiring Eric as my attorney, I had never been involved in a lawsuit, and I never considered myself to be combative or litigious. However, when I began to experience serious gender discrimination combined with venomous retaliation at the hands of my superior, I realized that I could not just stand back and be victimized. I asked an attorney friend who she recommended for my situation, and without hesitation she sent me to Eric and his team. They listened to my issues and validated my concerns. Given his robust experience in discrimination and harassment law, Eric was able to immediately identify the textbook tactics used by my employer against me. Always a realist, Eric took time to explain all options and potential outcomes on the table. With his guidance, I finally felt empowered to act. We were successful in our claim, far more successful that I had ever thought possible. The sizable settlement he negotiated gave me the means to take some down time, focus on my family and get my career back on track. I can never thank him enough for enabling me to take back control over my life and my profession. If you are considering taking action against your employer after experiencing discrimination in the workplace, I cannot more strongly recommend Eric and his team. With his help, the deck will be stacked in your favor, and you will find you finally have the resources to see justice served!
. . . Eric Bachman has legal and professional talents that are second to none . . . His knowledge and experience in the AIR-21/Whistleblower legal arena put me at ease knowing he had my best interests in mind. Eric also demonstrated a very understanding compassion for the issues I was confronting. Eric worked tirelessly, often emailing communications at late hours. Without Eric Bachman I would not be in the fantastic position I am in.
I retained Eric and his firm to represent me in a retaliation claim and subsequent separation agreement. Throughout the entire process, Eric was as much a counselor/therapist as he was an attorney and truly helped me maintain my sanity throughout the prolonged process required to reach a great resolution for me and my family. Not only did he vigorously advocate for me every step of the way, but he constantly encouraged me and kept me informed and up-to-date at every step. Eric spent an inordinate amount of time learning not only all of the facts and details of my case, but also getting to know and understand me and my situation. Eric was a relentless advocate, and in hindsight I am so very pleased with Eric and his most excellent efforts on my behalf. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Eric to anybody requiring a good attorney, Eric is truly exceptional.
. . . Eric was extremely detail oriented and demonstrated superior knowledge of the law pertaining to my case. With Eric’s guidance, I was able to come to an acceptable “win-win” agreement in a matter of months, rather than years . . .
When faced with discrimination in the workplace many fear the loss of a job and/or retaliation. That was my fear but eventually you have to stand up for your rights . . . Mr. Bachman has a very clear understanding of the law and strives to not only defend our rights but he also takes the time to educate his clients. He is a no-nonsense attorney and does not play games or allow anyone else to play them at your expense. The entire process was quick and took only about 4 months. It was simple and the fees were fair.
In my line of work I have had to deal with many attorneys but I can honestly say that being represented by Eric Bachman was a pleasant experience. From the moment of engagement thru the conclusion of my case Eric kept me fully informed even while away on vacation with his family (which was completely unexpected). Eric was a no nonsense, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and patient throughout the process standing by me until we reached a conclusion allowing me to turn this very difficult page so that I can move on to the next chapter of my life. Very grateful I had the best on my side and would highly recommend Eric Bachman.
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I normally don’t write reviews but I felt compelled to share my thoughts regarding attorney Eric Bachman. You are not going to find a more intelligent, thorough and caring individual who specializes in retaliation and discrimination law.
Eric Bachman is an excellent lawyer! He is a true facilitator in every sense of the word; he proved time and time again–that he does what is in the best interest of the client. Eric: 1) did a superb job communicating each step of the process. 2) had a solid grasp of all the facts, which were fairly complicated and immense. 3) moved fast and maximized my position. Ultimately, his negotiation skills paid off considerably. I highly recommend Eric.
Eric Bachman is an extremely professional attorney who in confidence gives sound and unbiased advice in areas related retaliation claims. I would highly recommend the firm as well as Mr. Bachman. His background in civil rights and in the justice department have lead him naturally to care and advise those who face discrimination. He is someone I would pass along to anyone involved in situations his firm represents.
. . . Eric Bachman was hired to represent me and he did an excellent job []!! I would highly recommend Eric for any illegal employment and labor law employer/employment issues. Eric is an expert and very knowledgeable of the employment laws and has your very best interest in mind at all times. Eric provided weekly updates on my case and was always willing to provide me a breakdown in the statutes of laws to better understand what they really meant and why he wanted to pursue specific directions if you will. He was very patient and made sure that I was clear on all facets of my case. Keep up the good work and thank you so much again Eric for all your efforts of support and a job well done on a “win win case” …..YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
I have known Eric Bachman professionally for over twenty years. He is an incredibly skilled attorney that will always go the extra mile for what is right. He has dedicated his life for over two decades to defend one’s civil rights and to make sure the legal system works for everyone . . .
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