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Employment Discrimination

Hiring a proven and effective advocate is critical to obtaining the maximum recovery in an employment discrimination case. Bachman Law has extensive experience litigating precedent-setting employment law cases. We are ready to fight for you to obtain the relief that you deserve.

If you believe you have experienced employment discrimination or harassment because of your age, sex, or other factor, it is important to talk with an experienced employment discrimination lawyer. Start your preliminary consultation today.

Whistleblower Retaliation

Employees are the best early warning detection system against corporate fraud, unsafe consumer products, and airline safety issues. Courageous whistleblowers who call out these problems are too often retaliated against by their employers. Bachman Law will fight to set this right and has the background to get whistleblowers the protection and remedies they need.

Employees who are on the front line protecting consumers (and their children) from unsafe products deserve robust protection from retaliation if they blow the whistle on a potential safety violation.

In the employment context, we are committed to zealously representing victims of whistleblower retaliation under federal and state anti-discrimination laws. If you believe you have been denied an employment opportunity due to retaliation, reach out for a preliminary consultation.

areas of practice whistleblower retaliation
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