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The Equal Pay Act: 60 years of progress toward closing the pay gap

Sixty years ago Congress passed the Equal Pay Act, which has resulted in significant gains for female employees toward achieving “equal pay for equal work.” What Does The Equal Pay Act Do? The Equal Pay Act
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Eric Bachman interviewed about the EEOC’s $1.2M employment discrimination settlement

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) interviewed Bachman Law founder Eric Bachman regarding the recent $1.2 million settlement that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recovered in an employment discrimination lawsuit. The EEOC’s settlement
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What counts as an internal complaint in a sexual harassment case?

In a sexual harassment lawsuit, a key legal question is whether the employee complained to the company about the harassment. But what, exactly, counts as an internal complaint under the law? The answer, discussed in
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How to calculate how much an employment discrimination case is worth

A common question employment lawyers get from their clients in an employment discrimination case is: if I win, how much will my case be worth? While no “one size fits all” answer exists, it is
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Bombshell $70M verdict in employment discrimination case

Last month, a jury in Texas delivered a stunning $70 million verdict in favor of 10 employees who worked for Glow Networks. Nine of the ten plaintiffs were Black employees. The case, Yarbrough, et al. v.
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New ruling examines emotional distress damages in employment cases

An ongoing case in New Jersey involving a judge who accuses state officials of creating a hostile work environment sheds important light on the potential ramifications of seeking emotional distress damages in an employment case. The legal
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“The Morning Rush” talks with Eric Bachman about employment discrimination case against NFL

As the fallout from the employment discrimination case against the NFL regarding Black head coaches continues to unfold, Newsy’s Morning Rush spoke with Bachman Law founder Eric Bachman for his analysis on the lawsuit. The
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4 crucial points about the employment discrimination case against the NFL

Brian Flores filed a bombshell racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL this month. Flores is a Black former head coach of the Miami Dolphins who was fired in January and has since been rejected by
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Law360 interviews employment discrimination lawyer Eric Bachman about “bombshell” NFL case

The major class action lawsuit filed by Brian Flores alleging that the NFL routinely engages in race discrimination in hiring and promoting Black coaches and executives was the focus of Law360’s interview with employment discrimination
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Will the NFL be sued for race discrimination against Black coaches?

This time of year the media spills a lot of ink discussing the lack of Black head coaches in the NFL, yet what receives far less attention is the potential legal liability for race discrimination
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