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Former Special Agent awarded $1.2 million in sex harassment and retaliation case

This past week, a federal jury in South Dakota awarded $1.2 million in damages to a former Special Agent with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The jury’s verdict found that DCI had
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Lifehacker talks with Eric Bachman about the nuts and bolts of reporting workplace sexual harassment

Eric Bachman recently caught up with Lifehacker to explore the various options to effectively report sex harassment at work. Why harassment is often not reported According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), only about

A vicious cycle: how the glass ceiling fuels workplace sexual harassment

High-profile sexual harassment cases and issues have been splashed all over the news for months now.  What sometimes gets lost in the conversation, however, is the fact that the dearth of women in the most

Eric Bachman interviewed about the impact of arbitration agreements on sexual harassment cases

Eric Bachman was recently interviewed on “The Why” news program to discuss the interplay between arbitration agreements and sexual harassment and employment discrimination cases. What is arbitration? When parties agree to arbitrate, it generally means

Sexual harassment at work need not be headline-grabbing to be actionable

With all the news stories about sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood, the tech industry, and the media, it may seem like the only viable harassment claims are those with blatant evidence and, in some cases,
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Information and resources to help employees combat sexual harassment

The recent high-profile sexual harassment claims involving Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes at Fox News, Uber, and elsewhere are timely reminders about the persistent problem of sexual harassment in workplaces around the country.
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Appeals court: “sand ni**er,” and other epithets do not create hostile work environment

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals decided earlier this year that, although an employee was subjected to  “morally repulsive” comments — like being called a “camel jockey” and “sand ni**er” — he had not suffered

Sex harassment and constructive discharge case headed to trial

A federal court denied summary judgment in a recent case involving sexual harassment, constructive discharge, and retaliation claims, clearing the way for a jury trial. The ruling is notable because it is relatively rare for a court

Sexual harassment survival guide for employees is now available

More than fifty years after Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, too many workers are denied equal opportunity in the workplace and face egregious harassment and retaliation. For example, nearly 1 out of

The Uber sexual harassment and diversity report: 5 key takeaways

Former Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. recently released portions of his law firm’s report and recommendations to Uber on sexual harassment and lack of diversity problems within the company. Here are five of the recommendations
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