Pregnancy discrimination

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How to calculate how much an employment discrimination case is worth

A common question employment lawyers get from their clients in an employment discrimination case is: if I win, how much will my case be worth? While no “one size fits all” answer exists, it is ...
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Which employment laws actually help prevent discrimination against pregnant employees?

The difficulties faced by pregnant employees, whether they work in large corporations, local stores, or in the government, are difficult to overstate. A number of federal and state laws, such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, are ...

Congress has a chance to protect pregnant employees with the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

There has been a lot of talk recently about a lack of protections for employees, especially the most vulnerable in the United States. In January, the House Education and Labor Committee approved the Pregnant Workers ...
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Key takeaways from the proposed $14M Walmart pregnancy discrimination settlement

The case centers on Walmart allegedly treating pregnant employees differently than employees with other medical conditions/disabilities by providing non-pregnant employees with more favorable accommodations.
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