Medium: Sloppy company communication leads to age discrimination lawsuit

Crisis Communications speaks with Eric Bachman about the age discrimination lawsuit filed against a NBA team. December 4, 2018.

Law360: Personnel Moves May Expose Pruitt To Whistleblower Claims

Law 360 spoke with Eric Bachman about potential whistleblower retaliation claims related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) leader Scott Pruitt. The Nature of the Beast

Eric Bachman interviewed by about the #metoo movement in the financial services industry.

Law360: 3 Takeaways From NY’s Legal Broadside Against Weinstein

Law360 spoke with Eric Bachman about the ongoing litigation related to the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment controversy.

Bloomberg Law: Gig Workers Have Scant Protection From Job Bias

Bloomberg Law interviewed Eric Bachman about protections against employment discrimination for independent contractors/gig workers.

Lifehacker: How to Report Sexual Harassment

Eric Bachman interviewed about how to report sexual harassment.

Woopaah: #youtoo? How to deal with sexual harassment at work

Interview of Eric Bachman about sexual harassment issues in the workplace.

Moneyish: How much money is your emotional suffering worth?

Eric Bachman interviewed by Moneyish about damages in sexual harassment and employment discrimination cases.

Newsy: Interview with Eric Bachman, “The Why” 10/23/17

Interview with Eric Bachman about the impact of arbitration agreements on sexual harassment cases, “The Why” news program on Newsy.
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